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Page Bryant, 56, lives in Waynesville, North Carolina in the heart of the Great Smoky Mountains. She is has been married for 21 years to visionary artist, Scott Guynup. Page began her career at the Temple of the Living God, an inter-faith teaching center, in St. Petersburg, Florida. Page and Scott operate Mystic Mountains Teaching and Retreat Center in the home in Waynesville. She is the mother of two grown daughters, Mary Page and Jamie, and has one young grandson.

Page Bryant has been a professional psychic and intuitive counselor for twenty-five years. During that time she has enjoyed numerous accomplishments. From 1973 through 1990, Page had her own radio talk show in several major markets. Page also had her own half-hour television series in 1976 in WLCY-TV in Tampa/St. Petersburg, Florida. She was the first psychic to have her own talk shows in the U.S. During the time she was on WFTL in Ft. Lauderdale, her program won the station the Station of the Year Award, and the Program Director, Mike Harvey, won the Program Director of the Year Award two. While on KMPC in Los Angeles, Page was a daily featured guest on the Gary Owens Show.

In 1975, Page Bryant was nominated for the Outstanding Young Women of America award. In 1995 she was nominated for Who's Who Among International Intellectuals through Cambridge University in England. Page, along with her husband, visionary artist Scott Guynup, have traveled extensively over the past twenty years, throughout the U.S., England, Scotland, and Egypt. During her travels, Page has been a successful lecturer and workshop/seminar facilitator.

Page was the first apprentice of Sun Bear, the well-known Chippewa medicine man and founder of the Bear Tribe Medicine Society. She has been a teacher at Sun Bear's Medicine Wheel Gatherings for the past 14 years. In 1989, shortly before Sun Bear's death, he and Page led a sacred tour to England and Scotland. Page works in England every two years, where she is a popular featured speaker for Alternatives in London. She has also worked in Glastonbury on several occasions. Since 1981, Page and Scott have led their students on spiritual journeys to Egypt, England, and Scotland. The couple have also worked in Alaska and Hawaii.

Page Bryant is a successful published author. Her books include: The Earth Changes Survival Handbook (Sun Publishing, Santa Fe, NM); The Magic of Minerals (Sun Publishing); Crystals and Their Use (Sun Publishing); Earth Changes Now! (Sun Publishing); Awakening Arthur! His Return In Our Time (Thorsons/England); The Aquarian Guide to Native American Mythology (Thorsons/England); Terravision: A Traveler's Guide to the Living Planet Earth (Ballantine); and The Spiritual Reawakening of the Great Smoky Mountains (self-published).

Her book Starwalking: Shamanic Practices For Traveling Into The Night Sky (Bear and Company) concerns the astronomy of the ancient peoples worldwide, what they knew about the stars, and how that knowledge influenced them and their lives. It explores the loss humanity has suffered due to its disconnection from the stars and how we can rectify that loss through ceremony, meditation, and study. This book led to her being asked to write Star Magic for Dragonhawk Publishing.

Page's broad range of metaphysical and scientific knowledge has made her one of the most popular and interesting teachers in the field of alternative thought today. Page's studies include astronomy, physics, astrology, the Ancient Wisdoms, Kaballah, Esoteric Buddhism, Theosophy, Tibetan Buddhism, numerology, aromatherapy, Bach Flower Remedies, Jungian psychology, Native American spirituality, sacred ecology, geomancy and earth mysteries, earth changes, ancient religion and cultures, and mediumship. Page is an ordained Spiritualist minister, and has been since 1971. Even though her schedule is extremely busy, Page still finds time for her favorite hobby; cross-stitching.

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