Books on Animals and Nature
Shamanism, totems and the power of nature come alive for you in our books in this category. These titles include the award winning Animal-Wise, The Animal-Wise Tarot, the Animal-Speak Workbook and  Nature-Speak. Connect with the magic and power of the natural world. Learn the language of animals and nature.

Books on Healing
Everyday more and more people begin to explore the mystical and holistic realms. One of the safest and most rewarding ways of awakening our magic and intuition is through the development of healing abilities. Music Therapy for Non-Musicians and the Young Person's Healing Arts will help you unfold the healing power within you.

Books on Magic & Mysticism
Some of the most ancient teachings have great benefit to seekers in the modern world. Whether pursuing your own sacred quests or exploring the power of the Qabalistic Tree of Life, at some point you will discover the wonder and magic of the ancient mysteries. Follow your own sacred quest to the Treasures of the Unicorn or uncover your greatest potentials through the Qabala in More Simplified Magic - Pathworking and the Tree of Life. Open to ancient hidden and sacred mysteries through such titles as The Occult Christ and Secret Doors of the Qabala. The latter contains Qabalistic teachings that have never before been in print.

Books for School of Magic & Mystery
The world is a place of great mystery and magic, and no group of people is more aware of this than our young people. They know that the rustling of the leaves is a whisper and that wishing upon a star has power. The Young Person's School of Magic and Mystery TM is the first ever series of books created to meet the unique learning needs of the new seeker (young and old) in the realm of psychic sciences. Written for ages 12 and above, young mystics can now explore magic worlds safely, successfully and with great wonder!